Upcoming Events

Below is a list of upcoming events. Please click on the event for more information.

January 27 - Omega Crossroad Speaker Meeting

February 9 - Sweethearts Dance (Sponsored by Fellowship for Freedom)

February 17 - Literature Fundraiser (Sponsored by Omega Crossroads)

February 19 - Speaker Meeting "Nada - Ogden" (Sponsored by Recovery First)

If you would like us to post your upcoming NA event, please click here and email us the information, if you have a flier please attach it.



The Never Alone Never Again Area currently does not have an Activities Subcommittee.


However; we do form adhoc committees to plan and facilitate dances, picnics, campouts, and special speaker meetings. We also will assist groups with planning group activities by providing resources if requested.


Activities like these can provide a greater sense of community for the local NA Fellowship and produce additional area income.  


It should always be kept in mind, however, that these functions are designed to enhance NA’s primary purpose, and promote fun. They should not be used to replace group contributions in funding area services.

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