Public Relations

The mission of your Never Alone Never Again Area Public Information subcommittee is to inform addicts and others in the community of the availability of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous.


The spiritual principles of our steps, traditions, and concepts guide us in pursuing our public relations aims and our efforts to enhance NA’s public image and reputation. These principles apply to our community and service efforts as well as to the personal behavior and attitude of individual NA members.


We do this by:

  • Maintaining the Area's webpage and facebook page.

  • Maintaining the Area's meeting list

  • Facilitating first contact meetings with facilities asking for H&I services.

  • Coordinating all incoming and outgoing communication

  • Fostering & Building relationships within our community about NA resources.

  • Liaison between all levels of the NA service structure.

  • Providing resources to local High Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Our goals to strive to fulfilling making NA a visible and attractive choice for addicts are:

  • We clarify what services NA can and cannot provide to the community.

  • We make NA members more aware of their role in NA's public image.

  • We aim for the public to recognize NA as a positive and reliable organization.

  • We develop valuable relationships with professionals and the general public.

If you have any questions about Narcotics Anonymous, want to schedule an informative meeting your you or your staff please contact us by clicking here.

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